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Homeowner Resources in Will County, Illinois

Will County Center for Community Concerns provides resources to homeowners through HUD-approved Housing Counseling programs to home weatherization and rehabilitation programs.

Housing Counseling & Home Weatherization Assistance Programs

The Housing Counseling Program provides free HUD-approved Housing Counseling to homeowners and potential homeowners, such as: Homebuyer Education, Pre- and Post-purchase Counseling, Mortgage Default and Foreclosure Prevention, and Pre-Foreclosure Sale Options.

The Home Weatherization Assistance Program is designed to help residents save fuel and energy while increasing the comfort of their homes by: Reducing energy bills, Improving health and safety and air quality in the home.

Homebuyer Education

Homebuyer Education is designed for prospective homeowners to complete homebuyer education classes, and pre- and post-purchase counseling services.

Foreclosure Prevention

Foreclosure Prevention provides counseling services at no cost to the homeowner to resolve mortgage delinquencies or discuss pre-foreclosure sale options.

Mortgage Assistance

Mortgage Assistance provides assistance to households who are behind on mortgage payments.


Home Weatherization

The Illinois Home Weatherization Assistance Program is designed to help eligible residents save fuel and energy while reducing energy expenses and increasing the comfort of their home.

Home Rehabilitation

Home Rehabilitation funds are available to improve accessibility, health and safety of the homes.

Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy educates participants on budgeting, money management, insurances, identity theft, credit and much more.