Community Action Plan (CAP Plan)


In order to receive federal funding from the Community Services Block Grant (CSBG), Will County Center for Community Concerns is required to complete a community needs assessment each year. CSBG is the only government grant that offers flexibility to respond to our local needs and address these needs in our planning. CSBG contributes a substantial amount to the operational costs of the Agency, enabling us to administer federal, state, and private program funds.

Customers complete a Needs Assessment Survey during intake, responses are collected and evaluated throughout the year. In addition to paper surveys, the Agency hosts focus groups to gain a perspective of needs from the perspective of specific demographic groups and conducts surveys with other service organizations, local municipalities, school districts, and businesses.

This information is used to create our annual action plan, the Community Action Plan (CAP Plan). The Community Action Plan outlines the needs of our community and goals for the CSBG programs.

2024 Community Action Plan

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Community Action Plan 2024